Sermons from July 2002

Three Blessings of Justification

Romans 5:1-5 Having shown that all have sinned and that there cannot be any salvation for the sinner outside of the work of Christ, Paul took Abraham as a great example of this principle of justification by faith alone. Now he begins to spell out some of the blessings

Christ’s Intercession for His Disciples

Matthew 26:30-35 We derive great encouragement from this passage: We are sometimes tempted to think we are not true believers because of the way we deny Christ in our lives and struggle with sin. Yet here we see Christ’s own disciples, who certainly were true believers a

The Comfort of the Resurrection

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 We look at this passage to understand the solid ground for comfort and assurance the believer has when a loved one departs to be with the Lord. The state of those who die in Christ is one of perfect bliss – they are in the presence of Christ who is the in

The Institution of the Lord’s Supper

Matthew 26:26-29 We come to the familiar account where Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper at the close of a Passover meal. We see: * Christ gave us the meal so we would remember His death for His people * Christ gave us the meal to strengthen our communion with Him and

The God of Israel

Genesis 33 The faithfulness of God shines forth in this account as we see Jacob finally coming face to face with Esau. True to His Word, Jacob was not harmed. We also see the commitment of Jacob to God – he would not be turned aside to go with Esau to Seir under Es

Wrestling with God

Genesis 32:24-32 In this sermon we look at how Jacob wrestled with God and eventually received His promised blessing. We look at Jacob’s earnestness in prayer to God and the duration of his struggle and see that we should also struggle with God in prayer to receive His p

Christ’s Prediction of His Betrayal

Matthew 26:17-25 In this sermon we see Jesus taking part in His last Passover with His disciples. During this time Jesus predicts that one of them will betray Him. We specifically look at the following points: * The prediction Jesus makes of His betrayer * How the disc