Sermons from August 2002

The Sons of Isaac and Their Seed

Genesis 35:16-36:43 We once again look at how God keeps his people separate from the World. Once Isaac dies, Jacob and Esau part from one another. Esau and his sons take wives from Canaan and move to Mount Seir. The line of Esau becomes the nation of Edom. We see how God’s

Jesus Is Condemned to Die

Matthew 26:57-68 In today’s passage, we see how much the World hates God. As we look at the account of Jesus being condemned to death, we see the hatred of those who wanted to kill Him manifested in three ways: In the way that they tried to find a false witness to accuse

God Renews His Covenant with Jacob

Genesis 35:1-15 We see God reviving His people in this episode in the life of Jacob. First, God calls Jacob to return to the place where He had first revealed Himself to him. Jacob doesn’t merely obey but calls upon his household to get rid of the foreign gods among them

Christ is Betrayed

Matthew 26:47-56 We grapple with the sovereignty of our God as we look at this account of the betrayal of Christ. We consider three sinful actions in this passage – the betrayal by Judas, the rash attempt by Peter to defend Christ with a mere sword and the fleeing of the

The Lord Keeps His People Holy

Genesis 34 Jacob’s daughter Dinah, attracted to the women of the Canaanites, is defiled by one of their princes and Jacob doesn’t know how to respond. Ultimately, his sons act deceitfully towards the Canaanites in order to take revenge. We see: * Behind the scenes

Keep Watching and Praying

Matthew 26:36-46 Christ has told His disciples, despite their protestations, that they will all abandon Him. Now He urges them to pray that they may not fall into temptation. From this account, we learn from: 1) The failure of the disciples to watch and pray – not becaus

Crying to God

Psalm 130:1-4 The psalmist cries to God out of depths of sorrow and affliction due to sin. We examine the way he approached God in order to help us when we, too, come into such times: * Acknowledging our sinfulness * In the fear of God * With persistence and hope F