Sermons from September 2002

Joseph and Potiphar

Genesis 39 We ask if Joseph’s life, in which he was so much prospered by the Lord in this world, is normative for the believer. We find passages in Scripture such as Psalm 73 that indicate this is not the case. We marvel again at God’s purposes to save Israel throu

Jesus Quietly Submits to His Father’s Will

Matthew 27:11-26 Pontius Pilate was caught in a very difficult position. He could see no basis for a charge against Jesus and wanted to set Him free. On the other hand, he was afraid of the Jews and the reports they might feed back to Caesar concerning Pilate. He kept try

Remember What You Were

1 Corinthians 1:26-31 Many times in the Scriptures, the people of God are called upon to remember what they were before God rescued them. We see that this activity is an important one for living the Christian life. We look at what we were before we knew Christ – both from a h

Judas Repents?

Matthew 27:1-10 We look at the remorse of Judas over his betrayal of Christ. While some have speculated that this was genuine repentance and that Judas must be saved, we see from his behavior and the words of Christ that this could not have been so. We look at the charac

Judah and Tamar

Genesis 38 This chapter is an account of sin and wickedness on the part of Judah – in intermarrying with a Canaanite woman, in not fulfilling his word concerning giving his third son to Tamar to be her husband, and in his unwitting fornication with Tamar. Later in

God Prepares to Save His People

Genesis 37 The sovereign power of God is in view once again as we see the way He prepared to save His chosen people (through whom Messiah would come) from a terrible famine. He does this through the favoritism of Jacob toward Joseph and the prophetic dreams Joseph h

Believe in the Lord Jesus, and You Shall Be Saved

Acts 16:31 We take another look at the Gospel message in all its simplicity. There are three things we need to know: * The danger of our situation as sinners in Adam * What we need to do to be saved from that situation * That Christ is the only way to be saved T