Sermons from November 2002

A Thanksgiving Message

Psalm 107 We reflect on the goodness and mercy of God to all men, but especially to His people. We see how and why His blessings flow to us all, and that there is a time coming when only His people will continue to experience His lovingkindnesses.

The Second Trip to Egypt

Genesis 43 We trace God’s hand as He works out the deliverance of His people from the famine. Messiah would ultimately come from them so that we might be saved today. We understand how Joseph is acting to test his brothers and to see if there is any repentance among

What is a Faithful Shepherd? Part 2

Acts 20:17-38 We continue to look at Paul as an example of an elder in the church. We see the importance of elders guarding themselves and also the flock of which the Holy Spirit had made them overseers. So many churches go astray at this point and even a small diversi

Reconciliation Begins

Genesis 41:53 – 42:38 We continue to look at Joseph’s story. We are struck by the parallels between the situation in the land then and our current spiritual situation. There is a great famine of the Word of God even in many so-called churches today. Yet with Christ there is a

What is a Faithful Shepherd? Part 1

Acts 20:17-38 Paul speaks to the elders at Ephesus and in doing so he reveals his own approach to eldership in the church, which he wants them to follow. We are searched and challenged by Paul’s humility, care, boldness to declare the Truth in any and every circumstanc

Joseph Becomes a Ruler of Egypt

Genesis 41:1-52 Joseph interprets Pharaoh’s dream and is raised to the second in command of Egypt . We see again that God’s hand was at work in the whole of Joseph’s life to bring him to this position. In all the the difficulties that he faced, Joseph never blamed God bu

They Keep Watch Over Your Souls

Hebrews 13:17 Continuing our series on elders and deacons in the church, we look at elders as shepherds of Christ’s flock. We see their goals, and the tools they have been given to achieve them, together with the motivation they have to do the work well. We also see th

The Lord Prepares to Exalt Joseph

Genesis 40 Joseph is enabled to interpret the dreams of two men Pharaoh has thrown into jail. We see how intricately God worked His purposes out, using Joseph’s character and Pharaoh’s servants as a part of His plan to rescue His people. The ultimate aim, as always,

The Need For Godly Examples

Hebrews 13:7 We begin a short series reviewing the need for, the function of and the qualifications of elders and deacons in the church. In this first sermon, we look at the need for elders as an example to the flock and we consider what kind of example they should s