Sermons from February 2003

A Great Light Shall Dawn

Isaiah 9:1-7 Isaiah prophesies a time of darkness and oppression for Israel, as they had turned away from God and were relying on men for their security, whilst they worshipped idols. Yet in the midst of the darkness that would come through the judgment God would send

Paul’s Greeting to the Romans, Part 2

Romans 1:1-7 Paul says that the Gospel of God was given beforehand through the prophets. We look into the ministry that the prophets had. They served two purposes, first in telling people how God wanted them to live and then in pointing people to the coming Messiah.

The Lord Will Raise Up A Prophet

Deuteronomy 18:15-19 We look at this prophecy given through Moses as he was about to be taken from the earth. We trace the institution of the office of prophet and see why it was both necessary and desirable. Finally, we see this prophecy fulfilled in The Prophet, the Lord J

Paul’s Greeting to the Romans

Romans 1:1-7 We look at Paul as he introduces himself at the beginning of this letter. First we consider his name and any significance it may have. Then we consider him as the slave of Christ, an apostle and one set apart for the Gospel of God. We see his special cal

The Power of God for Salvation

Romans 1:16-17 The central theme of Paul’s letter to the Romans is the Gospel. We spend a few moments reviewing that Gospel in this sermon. we see: * The lost and hopeless condition of all mankind, born into the world as slaves to sin and under the condemnation and wr

Behold My Servant

Isaiah 42:1-7 We begin to look at Christ’s office as The Prophet by examining this wonderful passage of Scripture. We see Him as the One chosen by God and beloved by Him. We see Him in His humanity, needing the support of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. His g

The Beauty of the King

Psalm 45 The psalmist cannot help but declare this glorious theme! His tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Here we see our beautiful King in all His majesty. We see Him subduing His people to Himself in meekness and gentleness – and we see Him subduing His enemi

Paul, a Bondservant of Christ

Romans 1:1 Again by way of introduction to this wonderful letter, we look at the man God used to write its lines. We see how his own life mirrors the teaching of the Gospel which is so central to the letter. Paul was changed from being a hater of the church to one