Sermons from March 2003

I Will Make You a Light to the Nations

Isaiah 49:1-13 The outlook is very bleak for the Israelites – exile and captivity await them. However, against this dark background, the mercy and grace of God shines the more brightly, as a Messiah is promised, One who will be a light not only to the Jews but also to t

Paul’s Prayer for the Romans

Romans 1:9-15 We consider Paul’s unceasing prayer for the Romans, seeking their blessing and the opportunity to meet them face to face and minister among them.

Unity: the Church’s High Calling

Ephesians 4:1-16 Lack of unity in the church affects our peace. The ‘friendly fire’ of division results in us losing Christian brothers. We cannot fight powerfully against our true enemy, the Devil, if we are too busy fighting amongst ourselves. Paul encourages the Ephes

Paul’s Thanks to God for the Romans

Romans 1:8 Paul gives thanks to God – his God, who enables him to be thankful through Jesus Christ – for the Christians in Rome, and their faith which is being worked out in their lives and spread abroad by those who see the results of it. We are encouraged to ‘Let

Grace and Peace be to You

Romans 1:7 The amazing grace of God is fully in view in this message, as we consider the call of God, His everlasting love to His people (a love which He does not set on all men and women indiscriminately). We also see this grace is not just something we need at th

The Highway of Holiness

Isaiah 35 The judgment of God against His people for their sin would reduce the land of milk and honey into a barren wilderness. Then, the land would accurately reflect the spiritual condition of the people. Yet God promises deliverance and vengeance upon those who

You Also Are the Called of Jesus Christ

Romans 1:1-7 Continuing our series in Romans, we look at the credentials Paul had as an apostle of Christ. We see that we are all called upon to proclaim the Gospel to the lost. Paul calls those to whom he writes ‘the called’. We look at the outward and inward calls

The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me

Isaiah 61:1-3 Again God gives His people a ray of light in the midst of preparations for certain exile. Yet these words point forward to the ministry Christ would have among the people when He was on earth and subsequently through the church. We review the wonderful

The Gospel Is About Jesus

Romans 1:1-7 Paul gives us more details about the Gospel he has been talking of. He tells us that it is about Jesus and that Jesus is both the Son of David and the Son of God. We explore the two natures of Christ – His humanity and His deity – and see why He had to b