Sermons from June 2003

Paul’s Indictment of the Jews, Part 4

Romans 2:12-16 Paul continues to show the Jews their sin. In this section he points out that the they, and we, must not only be hearers of the Law but doers also. We see that somehow the Law must be kept perfectly. Since no man can do this, we look to Jesus who has done

Paul’s Indictment of the Jews, Part 3

Romans 2:9-12 This week we continue to look at Paul’s criticism of the Jews. We see that God does not show partiality to anyone. As we saw last week, God will give to all men according to what they have done. If the Jews were to continue in their sin, they could not tr

Christ’s Betrayal and Rejection

Psalm 41:9 We first look at a promise of God to treat us the same way we treat others. We see that if we take care of the poor then God will take care of us in our time of need. Or, in more general terms, if we obey God He will bless us. Next we see that if we sin

Paul’s Indictment of the Jews, Part 2

Romans 2:4-8 This week we begin to look at Chapter 2 in detail. We see how God had been merciful to the Jews, and to all men, and had given them time to repent. Instead of using this time to turn from their sins, the Jews were spending it in sin and increasing God’s w

The Earthly Days of Jesus

Micah 5:2 We view the breathtaking panorama of the life of Christ as it is revealed to us through the prophets of the Old Testament – beginning with the agreement God the Father made with God the Son in eternity past, through to His birth, life, ministry, death and

Paul’s Indictment of the Jews, Part 1

Romans 2 We look at the arguments Paul will bring in Chapter 2, where he turns from considering the Gentiles, who have no excuse, and begins to show that the Jews also have no excuse, notwithstanding their reliance on the Law and circumcision. We are challenged