Sermons from July 2003

The Faithfulness of God

Romans 3:3-4 The second possible objection that could be raised to what Paul said in chapter 2 is that perhaps God is unfaithful if indeed members of His Old Covenant people can be lost. We see instead that God is Truth itself and that He will inevitably be vindicate

He Who Believes Will Not be Disappointed

Isaiah 28:16 We take another look at the Lord Jesus Christ as the chosen and precious Cornerstone. We see how he is described in Isaiah and in Peter, where this passage is quoted. We admire the qualities of our Savior that make Him such a precious, valuable, chosen an

What Advantage Has the Jew?

Romans 3:1-2 Paul continues his argument, imagining an objection raised by his Jewish readers. It is true that Gentiles are condemned for not believing on the basis of God’s revelation in creation. However, if it is also true, as Paul has asserted, that God is looking

The Stone Rejected Became The Chief Corner Stone

Psalm 118:22-24 We review this very familiar passage and see from the New Testament how it speaks about the rejection of Christ by the Jewish leaders, His resurrection from the dead to become Head over all things for the Church and the commemoration of that event in the

The True Circumcision is of the Heart

Romans 2:25-29 We come to the cause of the problem that the Jews had – an uncircumcised heart. They had an outward sign but no inward reality to which the sign should have pointed. We see that true religion is of the heart. It doesn’t matter how many outward rituals an

You Will Not Abandon My Soul to Sheol

Psalm 16 This is another Psalm that talks of the suffering and resurrection of Christ. David rejoices in His God but we also see the delight that Jesus has in His Father and the security and trust He had that God would deliver Him from all His troubles. If we ar

Paul’s Indictment of the Jews, Part 5

Romans 2:17-24 The Jews believed they were so well versed in the Law that they could instruct others. However, by not practicing it themselves, they became hypocrites, bringing dishonor to God and causing His name to be blasphemed even among the Gentiles. The way we li