Sermons from October 2003

Creation – WCF Chapter 4, Part 1

We continue a study in the Westminster Confession of Faith, looking at the fourth chapter on the subject of Creation. We examine the doctrine of Creation and defend it Biblically.

The Diet Of Worms

After the debate at Leipzig, John Eck sought and received from the Pope the excommunication of Luther. By this time, Luther knew he had gone beyond the point of no return with his attack on Papal authority. Luther continued to write and work for the refor

We Rejoice In Our Tribulations

Romans 5:3-5 We saw last week that the result of our justification is peace with God. This week we see one of the benefits of this peace. As Christians we all face various trials. God promises to use all of these for our good. The trials God allows us to go through p

The Debate At Leipzig

Though the 95 Theses was the first salvo fired in the Reformation, it was not until the debate at Leipzig that the Reformation was set rolling forward with no chance of return. Luther was providentially protected through many attacks and brought to this p

We Have Peace With God

Romans 5:1-2 Being born into the sin of Adam we are born in a state of warfare with God. However, Christ by His death has opened a way for His people to have peace with God. Those who remain outside of Christ and His salvation remain in a state of enmity or warfare wi

God’s Eternal Decree – WCF Chapter 3, Part 1

We continue a study in the Westminster Confession of Faith, looking at the third chapter on the subject of God’s Eternal Decree. We consider what is meant by God’s eternal decree, what it is like, what it includes and how we can know it.

What God Has Promised, He Can Perform

Romans 4:17-25 We have learned over the past several weeks that the law can only bring wrath because we are sinners and cannot be justified by the works of the law. Salvation is and can only be by grace alone through faith alone. In this text we see an example of that

The Early Years to the 95 Theses

We begin our fifth annual reformation lecture series. This year we examine the life of Martin Luther. In this lecture, we review the background of the times in which Luther lived. We see some of the major beliefs of the church of his day and also look br

That The Promise May Be Certain

Romans 4:13-16 Paul continues to show us that salvation is by faith alone and not by the works of the Law. The Law could only bring wrath and condemn us; it is through faith that looks to Christ’s work and away from ours that we must be saved. We examine this glorious