Sermons from November 2003

The Covenant of Works

Genesis 2:15-17 We look at the two forms of covenant; one made between equal parties (parity) and one made between a superior and an inferior (Suzerainty). The latter is always the type found between God and man and the Ten Commandments show us an example of this Suzerai

Slaves of Righteousness

Romans 6:15-23 Paul presents two paths of life in the light of his earlier teaching in this book: the path of slavery to sin which leads to death and the path of slavery to righteousness which leads to eternal life. He indicates that no-one receives any benefit from a l

God’s Providence

Hebrews 1:3 We consider the doctrine of God’s Providence – that He sustains all things by His mighty power and that everything that happens takes place according to His Decree – the plan that He made that includes all things that take place. We see what a comfort th

Alive to God

Romans 6:12-14 Paul shows us that if we are in Christ, the power of sin has been broken so that we no longer have to yield to temptation. Therefore he calls upon us to live the reality of what Christ has done for us and not to surrender the parts of our bodies to sin.

Man – The Image of God

Genesis 1:26-28 Continuing in our series in the Shorter Catechism, we come to the statement that man is made in the image of God. To understand what this means, we trace the fourfold condition of man: before the fall; after the fall but unregenerate; after the fall and r

Consider Yourselves Dead to Sin

Romans 6:1-11 Paul enters upon a grand theme of his letter. Having shown us that in Adam we are dead but in Christ we are made alive, he now goes on to show us the consequences of our union with Christ. God is glorified in His grace shown to sinners. ‘Should we then s

Providence – WCF Chapter 5, Part 1

We continue a study in the Westminster Confession of Faith, looking at the fifth chapter on the subject of Providence. We examine the doctrine of Providence and how it applies in our lives.

God’s Mighty Work of Creation

Genesis 1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ This is a stunning statement that speaks volumes concerning God’s sovereign will to reveal His glory in creation. In this sermon we consider three things: * What is the creation? * How were all t

Adam and Christ

Romans 5:12-21 Moving on in this glorious argument, we come to a comparison of Adam and Christ as the heads of two covenants. We see Adam as the head of the covenant of works, representing all mankind and in his sin, bringing condemnation and death to himself and all hi