Sermons from December 2003

Humble Servants

Mark 10:32-45 Christ gave His disciples a lesson in how to attain greatness in the Kingdom of God. This is not done as the world does it, but rather through servanthood – by becoming slaves of all. Christ Himself is presented to us as the great Example of this spirit

The Call of Wisdom and the Call of Folly

Proverbs 9 As we end 2003, we are invited to review our spiritual condition and to resolve to live for God in 2004. To help us with the review, we look at the calls of Wisdom and Folly in this passage. We see how different they are and yet, in certain ways, how simi

The Consequences of the Fall

Ephesians 2:1-3 We examine the consequences for all mankind of the fall of Adam. We see his deadness in sin, his separation from God, God’s anger towards him and the fearful end that awaits all of us if we will not repent and come to Christ for salvation. It is against

For God So Loved that He Gave

John 3:16 At the Christmas season once again, we reflect on the greatness of the Gift of God by comparing His giving with our own. We see: * We give to those we love; He gave to those He did not have to love. * We give to those who love us; He gave to those who a

What Is Sin?

1 John 3:4 God’s word tells us that sin is lawlessness. Whenever we break God’s Law or do not perfectly keep His commandments, we are sinning. The Bible is clear that all have sinned, and that we all sin every day. The Ten Commandments are a summary of God’s Law tha

Is the Law Sin?

Romans 7:7-13 Having shown us that no one can be saved through the Law (and even those who seek to be saved through a covenant of works will be lost) Paul now asks the question that this gives rise to: ‘Is the Law sin?’ His answer is that the Law is certainly not sin,

The Fall

Genesis 3 Continuing our series in the Shorter Catechism, we come to the doctrine of the Fall. We review the circumstances that led to Adam’s sin, including the creation of the angels and their part in these events. We see how it was that the Devil came into the Ga

Free from the law; Married to Christ

Romans 7:1-6 We examine the wonderful position into which we have been brought through our relationship with Christ. We have been set free from the Law so that we are no longer bound to it in a covenant of works, needing to keep it perfectly to be saved. Rather, we ha