Sermons from January 2004

A Faithful and Merciful High Priest

Hebrews 2:17-18 In our series on the Shorter Catechism, we come to examine Christ as our great Priest. We see Him exercising the duties of this office before His incarnation, during His time on earth and now that He has ascended to the right hand of God. We also see the

Those Led by the Spirit are Sons of God

Romans 8:12-17 Paul shows us the contrast between living in the flesh and living in the Spirit, and also the relationship between living in the Spirit and having true assurance that we are the children of God. We see that all true children of God will struggle with the

Looking Unto Jesus

Hebrews 12:1-3 We look at the author’s exhortation to the Hebrews to run the race set before them, looking to Jesus. We ask: * Who is this Jesus? * Where is He? * What do we find when we look to Him? * Why are we to look to Him? Finally, we consider how and when we a

Christ in You

Romans 8:10-11 We consider the wonderful truth that Christ indwells every true believer by His Spirit. Our bodies still decay and die (and we look at some reasons why God may allow that to happen) but we have the wonderful hope that on the Last Day they will be raised,

Christ, Our Prophet

Acts 3:22 As our Redeemer, Christ fills three offices, those of Prophet, Priest and King. Tonight we consider His role as Prophet, seeing how He has spoken in the past through His prophets and how He speaks to us today through His Word. He glorifies the Father by r

In the Flesh or in the Spirit?

Romans 8:5-9 On what do we set our minds, the flesh or the Spirit? This passage gives us a diagnostic test to help determine the answer. If our focus is on that which is fleshly, that which displeases God, then we must run to Christ for salvation. If it is on the Spir

The Only Redeemer of God’s Elect

1 Timothy 2:5-6 We look once more at the wonderful doctrine of the deity and the humanity of Christ, and marvel at the perfection of God’s plan of salvation in which God’s only Son was sent to be our Redeemer. Only as God could He render a sacrifice of infinite value for

No Condemnation in Christ

Romans 8:1-4 Paul brings us the glorious Gospel of Christ and shows us how he is delivered from the dilemma he was in at the end of chapter 7. He has been set free from the flesh through the death of Christ. In Christ, the righteous requirements of the law are fully m