Sermons from April 2004

Christ Is the Purpose of the Law

Romans 10:1-13 Paul shows again his true heart for the Jews and his great desire that they should be saved. He opens up for us again the greatness of the Gospel – the impossibility of being saved through the Law and the wonderful provision God has made in Christ. He con

Now We See Dimly, but Then Face to Face

1 Corinthians 13:12 At present, we know salvation and adoption in our souls only. At the resurrection, we will know them fully, in body and soul. Consequently, we should have no fear of death, but rather welcome it as the entrance into heavenly joys. At the resurrection we

He Who Believes Will Not be Ashamed

Romans 9:30-33 It is not always those who externally seek to whom God gives salvation, but to those whom He calls. The Jews had been ‘seeking’ God through the Law, thinking that they could make themselves acceptable to God by good works according to the Law and to their

God Raised Him From the Dead

Acts 13:13-41 We celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ by reviewing this sermon of the Apostle Paul during his first missionary journey. We see how Christ came in fulfillment of all the promises given to Adam and Eve, to Abraham and to David. We reflect o

Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit

Romans 14:7 The benefits that flow from justification, adoption, and sanctification are: * the assurance that we are loved by God, * peace in our consciences, * joy in our hearts from the Holy Spirit, * increase of grace, and * the knowledge that if we are God’s we

I Will Call Them My People

Romans 9:25-29 From the beginning God has always had His chosen people. Adam and Eve, Shem, Enosh… Ultimately, God selected Abraham and his grandson Israel to be the fathers of His covenant people, the Jewish nation. The remainder of the Old Testament shows us the ou