Sermons from May 2004

The Gifts of the Spirit, Part 1

We commence a quarter entitled ‘Biblical Thinking’, in which we apply all the tools we have learned from previous lessons to topical issues of the day in the church. Our subject in this lesson is the Gifts of the Spirit.

The Blessings of a Guilty Conscience

Genesis 42:18-38 Like a temperature gauge in a car, God has given us consciences so that we may know when we are doing wrong and also be assured when we are doing right. We look at the account of Joseph’s brothers and how they are confronted in their own consciences with

Our Union With Christ

Romans 6:1-11 We look at this wonderful subject and marvel at what God has done for us by bringing us into the Lord Jesus Christ. We reflect on: * The fact that we have this union * The closeness of the Union * The extent of the union Finally, we draw some applicatio

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me

Exodus 20:3 We examine the First Commandment as we continue our series in the Shorter Catechism. We see: That keeping the commandments is a response of love to our God – love is the fulfillment of the law. The law is not bad, as some would have us believe. Rather, i

A Remnant According to God’s Choice

Romans 11:1-10 Paul deals with an objection from his readers – if what he has been saying is true, then hasn’t God rejected His people? Paul shows that in no way was this the case. God had saved all those He had foreknown – all upon whom He had set His love and for who

Who Has Believed Our Message?

Romans 10:16-21 By the time this passage had been written the Jews had received the Gospel. Between the thousands that were converted at Pentecost, discipled, and sent back home, and the amazing work of the apostle Paul, nearly every Jew had heard the Gospel. And yet the

The Sum of the Commandments is Love

Matthew 22:35-40 God wants all His creatures to be obedient to His Law because it is good and because keeping the Law is the most loving thing that can be done. Christ is asked in this passage what is the greatest commandment, His response is that Love is the greatest com

How Will They Believe, If They Do Not Hear?

Romans 10:14-17 Having explained the simplicity of the Gospel (Believe in your heart and confess with your lips), Paul now expresses the need for the message of Jesus Christ to be preached to the nations. It is a simple concept that people can’t believe what they don’t k