Sermons from August 2004

Bible Survey: Genesis

We commence a survey of the books of the Bible, looking at the authors, historical contexts and main themes of each book. This week, we look at Genesis.

Do All Things to the Glory of God

Exodus 20:13 Continuing our study in the 6th Commandment, we look at food, drink, work and recreation and see how we should conduct ourselves so that we can bring glory to God in all these things and not break the Commandment by harming either ourselves or others.

Beware of Pride

Romans 12:3 Our pride is one impediment we will face as we immerse ourselves in God’s Word and discover what His will is in the light of the gifts He has given us. This will cause us to think more highly of ourselves than we ought. Here, Paul cautions us against a p

Do Not Be Anxious, but Trust the Lord

Exodus 20:13 We extend further the application of the 6th Commandment, You Shall not Kill, by seeing that it should affect anything we do which can shorten our own lives. Understanding that anxiety and stress can have this effect on us, we look at passages in Scriptur

Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind

Romans 12:2 Having urged us to offer ourselves entirely to God, Paul now tells us that we should not allow ourselves to be shaped by this world’s thought and lifestyle but instead we should apply God’s Word to our thinking, teaching us what His will is. We work this

A Living and Holy Sacrifice

Romans 12:1-2 On the basis of all that Paul has written in the first 11 chapters of this letter, he now pleads with us to make what is a very reasonable response. We see: * The sense of urgency we should have as believers * The basis of Paul’s appeal is God’s mercy a

You Shall Not Murder, Part 2

Exodus 20:13 The emotions of anger, hatred, bitterness and resentment are the negative forerunners of the act of murder. We look at each of these and see how it leads to the next and if it is not dealt with, to the desire to hurt and injure others. We look at how, as

To God Be the Glory Forever

Romans 11:33-36 At the end of his review of the doctrine of salvation, Paul is moved to this wonderful doxology as he contemplates the knowledge and wisdom God has displayed in all His purposes. We also take time to marvel at our God and to remind ourselves that He has