Sermons from December 2004

Peace Among Men

Luke 2:14 In another sermon that looks to the coming of the New Year, we see Christ as the Prince of Peace and consider how we, as Christians, are to strive for harmony with our brothers and sisters in the Lord. We examine Biblical peace to see what it is and also

To Know the Love of Christ

Ephesians 3:14-19 On the last Sunday of this year, we take a look at our Christian walk and how important it is in our religion to know and to feel Christ’s love for us. We see several examples illustrating the breadth, length, height and depth of this love, and learn that

What Shall I Give To The Lord

Psalm 116:12-13 In an extension of the application from this morning’s sermon, we examine what we should do in response to the love and grace that the Lord has shown us if we are His people. We see the psalmist deciding to lift the cup of salvation, to call upon the name

He Became Poor For Your Sake

2 Corinthians 8:9 As we look forward to the advent of Christ, we examine His complete and utter humility and attitude of service, having come from the riches of heaven, and from being the Lawmaker, to being in poverty and under the Law. We look at His example, His work, an

Beware Half-Truths

Exodus 20:16 Continuing to look at the Ninth Commandment, we now move on to how it is possible to convey a different meaning while telling something that is at least partially truthful. This is every bit as bad as a direct contradiction of the truth, and must be avoid

Do Not Return Evil For Evil

Romans 12:17 Paul warns us against seeking our own revenge. We take a look at how desire for revenge may arise, where it comes from and how to deal with it. We then see what we should do in place of seeking revenge, and see that God will avenge ill-treatment of His pe

Tell the Truth

Exodus 20:16 The Ninth Commandment teaches us to guard our tongues, for by them, great damage and great good can be done. We need to learn to distinguish when to speak and when to keep quiet so we can avoid tearing down the reputation of another. We must tame our tong

Do Not Be Wise In Your Own Eyes

Romans 12:16 One of the Bible’s most prominent and repeated commands is for us to avoid being wise in our own sight. This lesson against pride not only covers our own perceived wisdom, but also pride in our own abilities and how we want ourselves to be viewed in the e