Sermons from February 2005

The Milk of the Word

1 Peter 2:1-3 As Christians, one of our major sources of God’s grace is His Word. We are called to read from this and to hear it as it is read and preached by others. By the reading and preaching of the Word, God by His Spirit draws sinners to Himself. God also strengt

That You May Abound in Hope

Romans 15:13 We consider the hope that can be gained from the knowledge that, if we are Christians, all our sins have been forgiven and that Jesus has given us all we need to stand before God on the Last Day.

Who Has Eternal Life?

John 3:36 We examine the question of who eternal life belongs to. It is not enough to know the facts of who Christ was and is, and what he did. Saving faith and saving repentance are the key factors, and we look at each of them in turn. In repentance, we turn away

Accept One Another

Romans 15:7-12 Paul reminds us in Romans Chapter 15 that salvation is not for the Jews alone, but for all who place their trust in Jesus. As Christians, we should accept our brothers and sisters in Christ. As Christ has accepted both Jews and Gentiles, we also must acce

Are All Sins Equally Bad?

Luke 12:47-48 We come to the section in the Catechism that deals with the doctrine of eternal damnation. We see that all sins deserve eternal punishment because they are committed against an infinitely holy and just God. However, we also see that one sin differs from a

Lift Up the Weak

Romans 15:1-6 We consider how those who are strong in faith should treat those who are not as strong. We see that we should encourage those that are weaker and strive to be stronger ourselves. We should not only think about pleasing ourselves but about the needs of oth

How Well Can We Obey?

1 John 1:8-10 We question how well we can measure up to God’s standards. We see that in every way we fall short of His glory and that we break His commandments every day in thought, word, and deed. We cannot trust in our own righteousness to save us at all, but must wh

Pursue the Things that Make for Peace

Romans 14:13-23 In our lives, we must respect the opinions of our brothers in Christ if they are firmly convinced that something is a sin and we are convinced from scripture that we are free to do it. We should not trip them up in their faith by practicing our freedom in