Sermons from May 2005

Watch for That Day

Matthew 6:10, 2 Peter 3:13 We hear how we should pray for the coming of God’s eternal kingdom in the Lord’s Prayer. The Bible says the world will eventually be cleansed with fire and transformed into the New Heaven and New Earth, in which righteousness dwells. We look forward to th

Worship the King

Psalm 2 We explore how we are to submit to Christ as our True King. When Jesus came into the World as the King of the Jews, He was opposed and crucified, but the opposition was futile because God raised Him up and installed Him as King in spite of it. Likewise, i

Biblical Prosperity

Psalm 1 One way in which Psalm 1 is so useful to us is in illustrating how we are to live our lives as Christians. It demonstrates the fact that faith without works is dead faith. We consider who it is who will know God’s blessing, what is the nature of that bles

Your Kingdom Come, Part 3

Matthew 6:10 Further reviewing this part of the Lord’s Prayer, we learn that when we make this request, we are asking God to make His Gospel effective in the conversion of His elect. We look at two aspects of this prayer: that God would send out workers into His harve

To God Be the Glory through Jesus Christ

Romans 16:25-27 In the last few verses of Romans, we are reminded to give God the glory that He deserves in everything we do – not just in our worship, but in every instance of our lives. We are to ascribe this Glory to God through Jesus Christ, for our gifts and the abi

Your Kingdom Come, Part 2

Matthew 6:10 In this message, we examine many of these exhortations in Scripture to make our calling and election sure, understanding that in offering this petition in the Lord’s prayer, one thing we are praying is that we may persevere and grow in grace as members of

The Grace Of Our Lord Be With You

Romans 16:20-24 Paul draws near to the end of his letter to the Romans and as he does so, he reveals his heart’s desire for them as a church – that they may know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ to be with them. We explore what is meant by ‘the grace of the Lord Jesus