Sermons from July 2005

Put on the Armor of Light

Romans 13:12-14 We continue to explore our communion with God. We see that we are to defend ourselves against all sins, no matter how great or small we see them to be. To help us in this fight, we have the armor of God and we need to learn to use it effectively if we are

Our Gracious King

Psalm 10 The psalmist contemplates the wickedness of those who oppress the people of God and think in their hearts that He does not exist and does not see their wickedness. He calls upon God to remember their evil and to bring them into judgment for it. We consid

Desiring God’s Presence

Psalm 51:11 David fears to lose communion with the Holy Spirit as he laments his sin with Bathsheba. Through the words of some great saints of old, we consider whether we truly love God and desire His presence above everything. Then we see how it is that sin robs us

Those Who Know You Will Trust You

Psalm 9 In this Psalm, David shows His confidence that God will work in His own time to do what is just, judging some nations while raising others up, and increasing His own Glory. We can gain this same confidence by trusting God, Who has not changed, to work His

I Will Seek You Earnestly

Psalm 63 Psalm 63 is one of the more devotional of the Psalms and we consider David’s hunger and thirst for God as they are revealed in it. Driven away from the visible marks of God’s presence with His people, probably through the attempted coup by Absalom, David

Remember Lot’s Wife

Luke 17:22-37 In one of the shortest commandments in the Bible, we are told that we must remember Lot’s wife. This is because she failed to obey an order directly from God and the circumstances of her disobedience are richly instructive to us today. We examine these ci

Ask, and It Shall Be Given

Matthew 7:7-8 Here we are reminded that the Lord answers the prayers of those who are persistent in asking, seeking, and knocking. We are not to ask for things in a manner which is selfish, for the Lord will not answer such prayers. Jesus encourages us by reminding us

How Majestic Is Your Name

Psalm 8 Psalm 8 reminds us of God’s glory and majesty which is shown forth in His creation and which we frequently take for granted. We see in all created things His infinite wisdom and glory and should never overlook the many blessings which we receive every day

Yours Is the Kingdom, Power and Glory

Matthew 6:13 Jesus laid out three reasons for God to answer our prayers: That His is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory. We review the whole of the Lord’s Prayer in the light of these three reasons and see why they are powerful arguments to use with God in seekin

God, the Righteous Judge

Psalm 7 In this Psalm, we look at the prayer of David that God would fall on his enemies and ask how this is compatible with the New Testament command that we love our enemies. We see that with God, there is a time at which His patience ends and judgment falls. I