Sermons from August 2005

More Desirable Than Gold

Psalm 19 The Word of God is a great treasure and it is an immense privilege that we have been granted it by Him. We consider this psalm and see that the believer should love this Word because of its intrinsic value – as God’s Word, it reflects His character and we

The Lord Loves Truth

Psalm 12 We use this psalm as an opportunity to consider the character of our God. We see the following: * God is a God of Truth * Therefore God hates those who love lies and deception and will bring them into judgment * Conversely, God loves His children, who ar

The Upright Will Behold His Face

Psalm 11 We see how God will be with the righteous and against the wicked, and that those who are clothed in Christ’s righteousness will see God. This is the greatest of all the blessings that God gives His children and we see that in essence for us it means to se

Refusing to Obey Ungodly Orders

1 Samuel 22:9-23 This morning we look at the levels of authority God has set up for our government, and how we are to submit to them unless their commands contradict those of God. We first consider what true submission is and see that it isn’t the same thing as outward o

Sobriety in Our Ministry

Romans 12: 4-8 This evening we look at our spiritual gifts and the correct use of them. Believers are a part of the body of Christ, the Church, and must do their part to benefit the whole. The Lord equips each member of the church with spiritual gifts which they are to

No Longer Any Sea

Revelation 21:1 We look at the sea as it was seen through the eyes of the Hebrews: not the calming, gentle force we often picture, but a destructive and unpredictable force. In Scripture, the sea is often used as a picture of some of the experiences of believers in this