Sermons from September 2005

Do Not Fear Death

1 Corinthians 15:55 The believer is assured that his or her death is only an entrance into heaven to be with God. Christ has defeated death and, for the believer, has drawn from it the sting that it has. We meditate on this truth and see how it can and should make us bolder

Who May Dwell with the Lord?

Psalm 15 We study from this psalm the characteristics of those who may enter Heaven. We see that: * Only those who are holy may enter into God’s presence. The Psalmist gives us some examples of the behavior of truly holy people * We can only be holy in the Lord J

Happiness Reserved for Heaven

Revelation 21:3-4 We continue to meditate on the glory set before us as believers by considering the following: * We know many blessings here on earth * Nevertheless, these blessings are always lacking in one way or another and may even be mixed with sorrow * Why it is th

Good Works an Issue of Faith

Romans 14:23 The relation of good works to salvation has always been an issue of contention. Here we see how the views of James and Paul in the Bible harmonize perfectly and a call is issued both to believers and unbelievers. God has given believers His Word, a consci

God Is With the Righteous Generation

Psalm 14 Psalm 14 reveals on the one hand the wickedness and the folly of the world in its unbelief, but on the other hand a comforting truth to the believer: no matter how bad things may seem to us, God is watching over all the righteous and will allow only what

Be Perfect, as Your Heavenly Father is Perfect

Matthew 5:48 Here we are taught that God’s standard for believers is absolute perfection. While, as sinful beings, we cannot reach this goal, we are nonetheless commanded to strive towards it in this life, as though running in a race, looking only to the finish line a

I Trust in Your Loving-kindness

Psalm 13 We learn that we can trust God to fulfill his promises even when His providence seems to be going in the opposite direction. If we are His, then He loves us and we love Him because of this. Because God doesn’t change and His love for us never fails, we ca