Sermons from February 2006

The Prayer God Hears

James 1:6-8 God wants us to recognize our weaknesses and come to Him for help. We need to come to Him through faithful prayer to ask for the things we truly need (such as wisdom). We learn: * What a Prayer of Faith is. * How to pray in Faith. * That God is faithful

If You Need Wisdom, Ask God

James 1:5 We continue our series in the letter of James. Again, we review the book and see that it has much to teach us in the area of Christian living and particularly the many trials which the children of God must endure in this life. We look specifically at the

Endurance Leads to Life

James 1:12 James comforts us with a forward look to the crown of life that the Lord will give to those who love Him and whose faith is proved genuine through the trials of this life. We see that it is our love for God, which He engenders in us, that enables us to e

Trials Build Endurance

James 1:1-4 We begin a series in the letter of James, following on from the emphasis on spiritual warfare of the recent weeks’ sermons in Psalms. We spend some time considering the central themes of the book, who the author is and the circumstances in which he lived

The Law Reveals His Will

Psalm 19:7-14 Building on this morning’s message, we follow David as he turns to the Special Revelation God has given us in His Word. We see: * That the Word of God is a great treasure * Why His Word is such a treasure * What it is that His Word does for us and shows

The Heavens Reveal His Glory

Psalm 19:1-6 The first part of Psalm 19 tells us of the General Revelation of God – how all God’s creation reveals His glory. We consider these verses and see: * That God has revealed Himself to us unmistakably in His creation * How it is that He has done this * How

I Will Give You Thanks Among the Nations

Psalm 18:46-50 Although the Lord has already won the war through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ, there are still battles for the church to fight against sin within and without. Thankfully, God graciously fights alongside us as He did with David of ol

The Head of the Nations

Psalm 18:43-45 David’s rule over Israel is a picture to us of how God rules over all nations. This prophecy was initially fulfilled when David ruled over all the land from the Great Sea to the River Euphrates. Some peoples willingly submitted to him, but even his enemie