Sermons from March 2006

Be Doers of the Word

James 1:22-25 Having exhorted us to turn away from out sins and to receive the implanted Word, James moves on to warn us that it is not enough to just hear the Word; we must also put it into practice in our lives. We meditate on what it means to be effectual doers of

Receive the Word

James 1:21 James moves on from anger to consider sin in general and the abundance of it that still dwells in the hearts of true believers. We are commanded to put off sin, which opposes every movement towards godliness within us. We are also to receive the Word of G

How to Manage Anger

James 1:19 We consider how we may control our anger, that we may not sin. James teaches us three principles: * Be quick to hear and ready to listen. * Be slow to speak. * Be slow to judge and slow to become angry based on our rash judgments.

Be Careful With Your Anger

James 1:20 Through James, the Lord teaches us about anger and the danger associated with this emotion. While in itself, anger is not sinful (God can be angry), in man who has a sinful nature and even in believers who have indwelling sin, it does not acheive God’s ri

Church History Review

We begin a new quarter in which we will study the Reformation, the Counter-Reformation and the 18th Century. By way of preparation, we first review what we have covered over the last quarters on church history.

The Poverty of Riches

James 1:10-11 We look at the danger of trusting in money. We must realize that: * Money cannot help us in any significant way. For example, it cannot save or extend life beyond what has been ordained * Money cannot purchase salvation. God cannot be bribed! * We need t

The Riches of Humility

James 1:9 James continues to teach about trials, now centering on the trials we may suffer on a monetary basis. We learn that: * Having too little can be a trial, and can tempt those who suffer from poverty to begin stealing. We must remember that God will always