Sermons from April 2006

Bridle Your Tongue

James 3:2-12 We continue to review what James tells us, under the inspiration of the Spirit, concerning the misuse of the tongue. We see: * That the tongue is a very powerful thing * What it is that makes the tongue so potentially destructive * That by God’s grace,

Let Not Many Be Teachers

James 3:1-2 We begin to consider the improper use of the tongue and look at those kinds of teaching that are acceptable in the Church and which James does not have in view in our text. We then receive and understand James’ warning about entering into an office of tea

Faith, Without Works, Is Dead

James 2:14-26 Continuing our consideration of this passage, we look at the erroneous views that some have held concerning the place of works in salvation. We first emphasize the Biblical view that James outlines: true saving faith justifies us and inevitably leads to t

What Is Saving Faith?

James 2:14-26 James emphasizes that saving faith generates works, not the other way around. If we have true faith we will see a difference in the way we live and act. We are instructed in the three facets of saving faith. There must be: * a body of factual truths (th

A Better Resurrection

Hebrews 11:35 We learn about the better resurrection – how we can know we are saved. We find out how it is that we attain to it, and receive encouragement and insights to help us attain the better resurrection for ourselves and to continue in this way.

Jesus Brings Life From the Dead

1 Corinthians 15:21 This Easter Sunday, we consider where life came from, examining the Evolution perspective as compared to Creation. Seeing that life is God’s creation, we then consider why it is that people and animals must die, and why there is sin in the world. Finally,

Do Not Show Favoritism

James 2:1-7 Still with the overarching theme of the Royal Law of Love, we come in our studies of James to a strong caution against the sin of unjust favoritism, or prejudice. While showing preference does not have to be sinful (and we consider cases where God the Fat

True Religion

James 1:27 What kind of religion does God regard as pure and undefiled? James tells us in the passage we examine in this message. In brief, it consists in helping those who cannot help themselves, and in keeping ourselves from being stained by the opinions, lifestyl