Sermons from January 2007

What Shall We Do?

Acts 2:37-47 We now see the results that Peter’s sermon had on the crowd of Jews who gathered after the disciples received the Holy Spirit:

God Has Made Him Lord and Christ

Acts 2:22-36 Peter continues his defense of the gospel by telling the Jews about Jesus. He tells them that: * The Jews rejected and murdered Jesus * Jesus was not dead but had risen again * God had made Jesus King, Judge, and the only means of salvation.

The Last Days

Acts 2:14-21 Peter now interprets the outpouring of the Spirit which took place. We examine: * Paul’s defense of the disciples’ conduct * His confirmation that the event signals the start of the last days

The Coming of the Spirit

Acts 2:1-13 When the Spirit came upon the disciples, it was not something the Lord wanted to keep a secret. He came on Pentecost, when Jews from the entire known world were in Jerusalem, and came in such a way that His coming would not go unnoticed.

Let Another Take His Office

Acts 1:15-26 As the disciples waited and prayed for the promised Holy Spirit, Peter realizes from Scripture that a replacement for Judas must be appointed.

The Upper Room

Acts 1:12-14 Having witnessed the ascension of Christ, we study the reaction of the disciples. We see: * Their immediate obedience in returning to Jerusalem to wait for what had been promised. * What they did in Jerusalem while they waited

Christ’s Kingdom Strategy

Acts 1:6-11 Luke continues to set the scene for the remainder of this book. Here, he defines clearly the work that Christ intends to do on Earth through His Church – which is all related to His Kingdom.

Wait for the Father’s Promise

Acts 1:1-5 In the book of Acts, we have an account of the life of the early church. In these early verses, Luke sets the scene and explains what the book will cover.