Sermons from March 2007

Stephen’s Defense, Part 5

Acts 7:37-50 Stephen compares the idolatry of the Israelites in the wilderness with the way the Jews at the time of Christ were treating the temple and the ceremonial law in his effort to show that it is they, and not he, who are blaspheming God and dishonoring Moses.

Stephen’s Defense, Part 4

Acts 7:30-36 Continuing his defense, Stephen demonstrates how the Jewish Council was behaving toward Jesus just like their forefathers had behaved toward Moses (who had told them to expect Jesus), by rejecting him at his first appearance and then again…

Stephen’s Defense, Part 3

Acts 7:17-29 The Jewish leaders claimed that Stephen had blasphemed Moses, but he reminds them of the Israelites’ treatment of Moses, who, though sent to be their deliverer, was rejected by them initially. In rejecting Jesus, the leaders are guilty of the same sins…

Stephen’s Defense, Part 2

Acts 7:8-16 Stephen continues to build on his argument by using the story of Joseph as an analogy to Christ’s coming to Israel and being rejected despite being their Savior.

Stephen’s Defense, Part 1

Acts 7:1-16 Stephen begins his defense against the accusations for which he was arrested. He builds it on the history of the Jews from Scripture. He was accused of teaching that salvation had nothing to do with the land of Israel or the Temple worship.

Stephen’s Arrest

Acts 6:8-15 This morning we see how God gifted Stephen to exceed his mandate as a deacon and gave him power to teach the gospel. This naturally brought about opposition from the Jews.

Fit For Service

Acts 6:1-7 Expanding on what we learned this morning, we look at the qualifications of a deacon. These requirements are: * Moral uprightness * A good reputation * Managerial abilities

The Choosing of the Seven

Acts 6:1-7 Today we examine a problem which began in the Early Church and see how the Apostles reached a solution for it, along with its outcome in the church and society.