Sermons from April 2007

Saul’s Conversion

Acts 9:1-9 While Saul was still zealous in his opposition to Christians, Jesus intervenes to awaken him to his sin. We see that: * God’s mercy is selective, for although Saul is affected, those around him are not. * Saul is not immediately converted

The Ethiopian Eunuch

Acts 8:25-40 We admire the Providence of God as we see the way in which He arranges for the Ethiopian to hear the Gospel and be saved. We also see that this represents the breaking down of another barrier.

Simon, The Magician

Acts 8:9-13 As Philip began to preach to the Samaritans, he was entering a kingdom that was controlled by Satan. To deceive the Samaritans, the Devil had empowered a man named Simon to perform magic so that the people would follow him rather than God.

The Samaritans Receive the Gospel

Acts 8:4-8 The persecution that was launched against the church scattered the disciples from Jerusalem and wherever they went, they boldly preached the Gospel. We review the account of Philip’s ministry among the Samaritans.

Persecution Rises

Acts 8:1-3 In the wake of Stephen’s martyrdom, we see: * The effects inside and outside the church * The escalating persecution of the church * The positive results God brought about through the persecution

The Proof of the Resurrection

Acts 17:16-34 Paul is visiting Athens and is greatly distressed to see the great amount of idolatry. The number of idols was so large in Athens that an altar had even been erected with the inscription ‘To an unknown god’. Paul preaches to them the good news of Jesus Ch