Sermons from May 2007

The Gentiles Receive the Gospel, Part 2

Acts 10:34-48 Having arrived at Cornelius’s house in Caesarea, Peter now begins to preach the Gospel to Cornelius’s household. He begins by defending his actions in sharing this message with the Gentiles – reflecting on the fact that God does not show partiality.

Peter’s Vision

Acts 10:9-23 As Cornelius’s servants approach, Peter is in prayer on the roof at around midday. The Lord sends him a vision in order to show him he must not be bigoted against the Gentiles to whom he is about to be sent to preach.

The Lord Turns to the Gentiles

Acts 10:1-8 The Lord begins the spread of the Gospel to the Gentiles. He does this by commanding Cornelius, an Italian Centurion living in Caesarea, to find Peter and hear the Gospel from him.

Many Believed in the Lord

Acts 9:32-43 Peter performs two miracles of note which are recorded for us here: the healing of Aeneas’s 8-year paralysis in Lydda and the raising of the faithful disciple Tabitha from the dead at Joppa. By these amazing signs, many in both towns were converted.

He Brings Life from the Dead

Ephesians 2:1-10 Having seen the conversion of the Apostle Paul in previous messages, we pause to consider the great doctrine that underlies that event – the sovereignty of God in the salvation of sinners.

From Hater to Hated

Acts 9:19-31 Having been converted, Saul now begins to serve God, entering the Synagogues and preaching. At first, the Jews are shocked by his transformation and the Christians are afraid that his conversion is false.

Saul’s Calling

Acts 9:10-19 Having convicted Saul on the road to Damascus and struck him with blindness, the Lord now calls on Ananias to relieve Saul’s suffering.