Sermons from June 2007

We Are Turning to the Gentiles

Acts 13:42-52 As Paul completes his powerful exposition of the Gospel to the Jews at Pisidian Antioch, the two effects that Gospel has become obvious: some hearts are softened and a real hunger for the Word emerges; but others are hardened and stir up opposition.

The Market Day Of The Soul

Exodus 20:8-11 In a day when many find excuses to avoid keeping the Sabbath Day holy to the Lord, we look again at the fourth commandment and consider its purpose, its provision and its principle.

Saul And Barnabas’ Ordination

Acts 13:1-3 Antioch is blessed with capable men of God, faithfully serving God. Saul and Barnabas are specifically called from among those men and set aside for a specific ministry by the Holy Spirit. After fasting and prayer, they are ordained and then sent…

Herod Is Judged

Acts 12:20-25 Herod continues his persecution of Christians. He also meets with men from Tyre and Sidon, and sins by receiving their blasphemous flattery. The king is judged for his pride in accepting the praise of men.

Peter’s Arrest And Deliverance

Acts 12:1-19 Herod begins to persecute the church, executing James and imprisoning Peter. The church responds with fervent prayer for Peter. Their prayers are answered, and God is glorified, by the rescue of Peter from prison by an angel.

The Contribution For The Brethren

Acts 11:27-30 The gospel continues to be spread among the Gentiles after the scattering of Christians at the death of Stephen. The church at Antioch is given warning by prophecy of a coming famine that will cover the known world.