Sermons from October 2007

God’s Fiery Judgment

Psalm 21:9 We consider the current fires in Southern California and God’s reason for allowing them to happen. We see: * There is a Day of Judgment * We see glimpses of it today * Our knowledge of future judgment helps us understand the things we see

Paul and Silas are Released

Acts 16:35-40 After realizing their error in imprisoning Paul and Silas unjustly, and that they were Roman citizens who should not have been treated the way they were, the chief magistrates decide to release them.

Spiritual Warfare in Philippi

Acts 16:16:24 After responding to the call to Macedonia, Paul and Silas are harassed by a fortune-telling, demon-possessed slave woman. Her owners become angry with Paul when he casts out her demon, because she was making money for them.