Sermons from March 2008

Miracle at Troas

Acts 20:5-12 This morning, the Lord gives us several more encouragements from the book of Acts: Even though we face opposition in the Christian life, even though there are battles to fight, there are blessings as well:

The Trial of Christian Duty

1 John 2:4-5 This evening we study how our attitude to Christian duty (i.e. our obedience to the Law of God) can provide an indication of the condition of our souls. We consider: * First, the motives behind our obedience. * And second, our faithfulness in obedience

The Trial of Indwelling Sin

Romans 8:13 Continuing our survey of Flavel’s work on the marks of grace in the true believer, we consider how people react to sin in their lives, drawing out a contrast between the believer and the unbeliever in five different facets of their reactions…

The Stone the Builders Rejected

Acts 4:11-12 As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ at this time of the year, we consider a prophetic description of this event that was originally given in Psalm 118:22 and was then used by Peter in a sermon during the early days of the church.

The Trials of Prosperity and Adversity

1 Peter 1:6-7 Flavel shows how the Lord uses the trials of both prosperity and adversity to distinguish between the Christian and the unbeliever. We consider: * That trials do reveal faith * The trial of prosperity * The trial of adversity

Press Forward

Acts 20:1-5 As Paul continues his missionary journey, we see once again his dedication to the Gospel and that he does not let any obstacle divert him from that goal. As God closes some doors for Paul’s ministry, He opens others.

Opposition at Ephesus

Acts 19:21-41 Once again, opposition arises against Paul’s ministry in Ephesus. Demetrius, a silversmith who fashions silver shrines of Artemis, realizes that the ministry is bad for his business. He raises a riot, and Paul’s cohorts are dragged before the mob.