Sermons from May 2008

Assurance’s Seven Temptations

Matthew 14:22-33 Once again we consider Thomas Shepard’s teaching on ‘The Marks of Grace’. He warns both believers and unbelievers to be careful in examining themselves that they avoid certain snares in the process.

Paul’s Testimony

Acts 22:1-21 After Paul is apprehended by the Roman guard, he is given a chance to speak to the mob that had just tried to kill him. In his speech, Paul shares: * His life before Christ. * His conversion. * His call. * His life after conversion.

The Headwaters of Grace

John 7:34-39 We meditate on this wonderful passage, and particularly on Christ, Who for the believer is the fountain of all good and all grace in this world, and who guarantees our eternal security by His almighty power.

The Ears of the Deaf Will Be Unstopped

Mark 7:31-37 When Jesus is in the region of Decapolis, in the midst of a large crowd, many of whom he heals, he is approached by the friends of a deaf mute. They implore Him to lay His hand on the man but instead, Jesus takes Him away on his own and heals him.

Does Self-Examination Destroy Peace?

2 Peter 1:5-11 Continuing our survey of Thomas Shepard’s teaching on the marks of grace, we come to his answers to those who object to self-examination on the basis that it destroys the peace of a believer.

All Who Live Godly Will Be Persecuted

Acts 21:27-40 After Paul stays in Jerusalem and is completing the days of purification in keeping with his vows, he is recognized by some Jews from Asia. They riot around him and try to kill him. A Centurion carries Paul back to the barracks.

How to Know We Have God’s Grace

Romans 8:23 We continue to examine Thomas Shepard’s Teaching on the marks of Grace, seeing that to help us understand our spiritual condition, it can be helpful for us to look at past dealings God has had with us, as well as at our present condition.

The Lord’s Will be Done

Acts 21:1-14 As Paul continues his journey to Jerusalem, the disciples beg him not to go, because they foresee the danger and possible death that await him there. After Paul convinces them that it is God’s will for him to go, they submit.