Sermons from June 2008

The Spirit and the Flesh

Romans 8:1-8 We observe the differences between unbelievers and Christians by examining Thomas Shepard’s views on the spirit and the flesh. We see that the unbeliever shares the nature of Satan – they desire the things of the flesh and are hostile towards God.

The Unbelievers’ Response to the Gospel

Acts 24:24-27 For some reason, Felix and Drusilla are curious to hear Paul privately concerning the Gospel he preaches. Fearless as ever, Paul does not water down the message but deals with God’s standards and with the judgment that is coming…

Faith and Unbelief

Romans 10:9-10 We look at the differences between unbelievers and believers in regard to faith. There is a false faith that the unbelievers possess and the true faith that believers possess. There are three elements to true faith…

Paul before Felix

Acts 24:1-23 This morning we again look at the continuing battle between Good and Evil. Paul has been brought before the governor, Felix, in a court of law, in which: * Paul’s enemies attack with lies. * Paul powerfully refutes their lies.

Light and Darkness

Matthew 11:25-30 Tonight we focus on another difference between believers and unbelievers: the unbeliever is in darkness, but the believer is in the light, which is to say, the believer loves truth and holiness, but the unbeliever hates both.

The Godly Response to Sin

Job 42:1-6 Tonight we discuss the differences between the responses of the believer and the unbeliever toward sin. The believer will have a very distinct reaction to his sin which an unbeliever will never experience.