Sermons from July 2008

What is Sanctifying Grace?

Ezekiel 36:26-27 We begin to analyze Jonathan Edward’s views on the Marks of Grace with a consideration of the subject of sanctifying grace. We see how many theologians in the last 2 centuries, while providing helpful insights on the effects of this grace…

Israel’s Hope

Acts 26:6-8 As Paul continues his testimony before Agrippa, he points out the irony that the Jews are seeking his death because he has embraced the One who is the Hope of Israel.

The Life of Jonathan Edwards

Philippians 3:7-11 As we begin to study the teaching of Jonathan Edwards on the marks of grace, we review the life and times of this remarkable servant of God and are encouraged and excited to reflect on all that was accomplished by God through his ministry.

Paul Before Agrippa

Acts 25:23-26:6 Festus is anxious to be able to send an account of the charges against Paul when Paul is sent to Rome to appear before Caesar. A hearing is therefore arranged in the presence of King Agrippa to establish these charges.

From the World to Glory

Psalm 17:13-15 We conclude our review of the teaching of Thomas Shepard on the marks of grace by considering the last difference he mentions between the unbeliever and the believer. The unbeliever has his heart and mind fixed firmly on this world.

What Ignorant Men Think of the Gospel

Acts 25:13-22 When King Agrippa arrives, Festus introduces him to Paul’s case, possibly hoping for some insight, as Agrippa is Jewish. Festus does not understand the case or why the Jews hate Paul so much.

From Self-seeking to God-seeking

Matthew 10:34-39 The next difference between believers and unbelievers that Thomas Shepard draws our attention to is that unbelievers find all their pleasure in themselves and in seeking their own gain. Believers, on the other hand, find all their pleasure in seeking God

Paul Before Festus

Acts 25:1-12 After Felix rejects the Gospel, Paul stands trial before his successor, Festus, the new Governor of Caesarea. As a favor to the Jews, Festus wanted to send Paul to Jerusalem to be tried, but Paul appealed to Caesar in Rome.