Sermons from August 2008

The Grace of Love

Matthew 22:36-40 Continuing to review Jonathan Edward’s teaching on saving grace, we see that it is one principle in the soul and not many (though it may have several outward expressions) and that it is, in fact, divine love.

Ministry at Malta

Acts 28:1-10 We discover that one purpose of God for the shipwreck we considered last week was that the Gospel might come to the people of Malta.

Promise and Deliverance

Acts 27:1-44 Paul commences his voyage to Rome right at the time when travel on the Mediterranean Sea is becoming most hazardous due to the weather conditions. Paul warns those with him on the voyage that they should not press on…

The Cost of Freedom

John 8:31-36 We examine these remarkable words of Christ and consider what true freedom is – a freedom from the guilt and power of sin. We go on to contemplate the staggering price that had to be paid in order to secure the blessing of freedom for the children of God

The Lame Will Leap Like a Deer

Mark 2:1-12 This morning, we consider the healing of the paralytic man in this account and see how it showed Jesus was the Messiah by fulfilling the prophecy of His ministry in Isaiah 35.

A Study on ‘Amen’

As we take a break from the Westminster Confession, we briefly study the word ‘Amen’ and how it should be used in worship.

Unbelievers Are Void of the Spirit

1 Corinthians 13 We consider the final four arguments that Jonathan Edwards gives from Scripture to demonstrate that unbelievers have no saving grace (i.e. none of the saving influences of the Holy Spirit).

That All Might Be Christians

Acts 26:24-32 As Paul testifies before Agrippa and Festus, he does not pass up the opportunity to preach the Gospel. We consider the reactions of Festus (a gentile) and Agrippa (a Jew).