Sermons from September 2008

The Law of the Spirit

Romans 8:1-14 We conclude this part of our review of Edwards’ teaching on the nature of saving grace by looking at two final points he makes on the indwelling Spirit in the life of the believer:

The Blessing of a Righteous King

Psalm 21 We look at this Psalm as it speaks to us concerning the Lord Jesus Christ and His exaltation to become the King of kings, waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool.

The Communion of the Saints – WCF 26, Part 2

As we conclude our study in chapter 26 of the Westminster Confession of Faith, we look at: *What our obligations to other believers are, *What our communion with Christ does not include, and *What our communion with one another does not include.

The Spirit of Love, Part 2

John 17:20-26 We continue to follow Jonathan Edwards’ insights into the person and work of the Holy Spirit, seeing that He is the sum of all good purchased for us by the work of the Lord, Jesus Christ – a Gift of infinite value which indwells every true child of God.

Final Lessons from the Book of Acts

Acts 28:30-31 Luke concludes his account to Theophilus with a description of the ministry undertaken by Paul in his time at Rome. We draw some final instruction from his example.

God’s Judgment on the Jews

Acts 28:17-29 Arrived at Rome, Paul calls the Jews to come and hear his defense and many of them come to his home. Even though they have heard no complaints about Paul, they have heard about the ‘sect’ to which he belongs and they want to hear more about it.

Grace is from the Spirit

Titus 3:5 We pursue Edward’s argument on the nature of the Divine principle that is planted only in the lives of true believers. We see that it is a work done by the Spirit of God in which He creates His own likeness in the soul of the believer.