Sermons from October 2008

The First Revival

Genesis 4:26 This morning we study the first example of a revival in Scripture, at the time of the birth of Enosh. People began to call on the name of the Lord with renewed earnestness.

Of Baptism – WCF 28, Part 2

We continue our study of baptism from chapter 28 of the Westminster Confession. We begin to consider the proper mode of baptism, and see that the symbolism is not in the mode, but in the washing of water.

The Beginning of Christ’s Mediation

Genesis 3 We examine the first example of redemption in Scripture by studying the account of the Fall. We see that this period is the farthest from Christ’s incarnation and the darkest time for the church.

Of the Sacraments – WCF 27, Part 2

*What makes the sacraments effective? *How many sacraments has Christ instituted, and who may administer them? *Are the sacraments of the Old Covenant and the New essentially the same?

The Purpose of Redemption

Isaiah 51:7-8 * God is absolutely faithful. * The promised blessing of salvation through God’s righteousness * That these blessings continue to all generations

The Passion of Christ

Psalm 22 Through this Psalm, written about 1000 years before Christ became a man, we trace His sufferings on the cross and the descriptions of the blessings that would come to His people as a result.