Sermons from January 2009

Not All Affections Are Gracious, Part 5

2 Peter 1:5-11 We establish from Scripture that believers can and should enjoy an assurance of their salvation – indeed, they are commanded to make their calling and election sure. This understanding runs counter to the teaching of certain churches.

Shiloh is Coming

Genesis 49:8-12 We consider the final revelation in the book of Genesis that God gave of His redemptive plans in the Lord Jesus. When Jacob was dying, he blessed his sons and we see Christ clearly foretold in the blessing given to Judah. We see: * The blessi

Not all Affections are Gracious, Part 4

Isaiah 58 This evening, we consider those evidences we typically associate with being a Christian: reading the Bible, praying, singing, attending worship, listening to sermons, as well as praising and glorifying God. What if you do these things?

You Meant it for Evil, but God for Good

Genesis 50:20 We consider another way the Lord disciplines/trains His people: through adversity. This is something the Lord frequently does. It’s not easy to go through difficult times, but we need to remember that when we do, they are all a part of God’s plan.

Not All Affections are Gracious, Part 3

Matthew 3 We see that a work of God’s Law, in which we are brought to a state of conviction of sin, should ideally precede the comfort that comes when we believe in the Lord Jesus and are saved. This is often overlooked in the ‘easy-believism’ approach.

The Promise Confirmed

Genesis 28 Having seen how God gave pictures of His wrath and justice over time in the Old Testament so that people may fear Him as they should, we now consider that He also worked often to remind His people of His promises.

Not All Affections are Gracious, Part 2

Matthew 13:20-21 Continuing from Part 1, we consider two more examples of religious affections that are not necessarily gracious, since they can be experienced by believers and unbelievers alike.

A Picture of Hell

Genesis 18 As Abraham pleads for the lives of the righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah, we see a picture of Hell in God’s destruction of the entire valley in which Sodom and Gomorrah were located, and a picture of redemption in the saving of Lot and his family.