Sermons from August 2009

The Fear of the Lord

2 Corinthians 5:10-11 We consider another motive to help us live the Christian life to which the Lord called us: the fear of the Lord. This is something seldom heard in modern evangelical circles.

Solomon’s Reign

1 Kings 4:1, 20-21, 29-34 In Solomon’s day, after the Temple was finished, the kingdom of Israel was raised to its greatest glory, and the Lord provided a picture of the future glorious reign of the Lord Jesus Christ in the reign of Solomon.

Repentance and Faith, Part 2

We continue our series on the basics of the Christian faith. Having considered the subject of repentance in some detail, we consider the doctrine concerning faith.

The Temple

2 Chronicles 3:1; 5:1 We come to another step forward in God’s work of redemption: the building of that more permanent place of worship, the Temple. God had already given the tabernacle to His people, but it was only meant to be temporary, while they were in the wilderness.

Make the Most of Your Opportunities

Colossians 4:5-6 This evening, we consider that we’re not the only ones we should be concerned about in this race towards heaven – we also need to be concerned about those outside the church.

Love Much, Because Forgiven Much

Luke 7:36-50 We consider this account of Jesus dining at the Pharisee’s house and reflect on the fact that the strength of our love for Jesus will be closely related to our consciousness of the enormity of the debt of sin we owe to God…

The Tongue of the Mute Will Shout for Joy

Matthew 12:22-23 Continuing to look at the evidences Jesus gave while here on earth that He is the Messiah promised by God, we review this account of the healing of a mute man. We see how physical muteness is a picture to use of spiritual muteness that results from sin.

Bible Survey: Job

We survey the book of Job, seeking to understand its structure and main themes. We see that it is an invaluable text book for us when we face times of suffering and trial for which there is no clear explanation that we can see.

Run the Race

Hebrews 12:1-2 In this message, we are exhorted to press forward in our Christian lives, understanding that those who are not making actual progress are in fact falling back. Therefore, we are not just to sit back and do nothing.

God’s Faithfulness

Psalm 89:20-37 This morning, we consider more generally how the Lord fulfilled His promise to David that he would never lack a man to sit on his throne. This was true for as long as Judah continued as an independent nation.