Sermons from September 2009

The Testimony of Jesus

1 Peter 1:10-12 We see how the Lord raised up prophets from the time of Uzziah onward to preach His Gospel to His people.

Grow in Grace and Knowledge

2 Peter 3:17-18 Grace, properly understood, will lead to greater knowledge – a closer relationship with God through Christ. But there is a knowledge that is necessary to bring this relationship about.

Why Does God Send Trials?

James 1:1-4 We consider three points as we seek to answer the question, „Why does the Lord send trials?„: *First, what is a trial? *Second, why does God send trials? *And third, what should we do when He sends them?

There Is None But You to Help

2 Chronicles 14:11 We consider how the Lord preserved the tribe of Judah at the time of king Asa, since this was the tribe through which the Messiah would come.

The Christian Life, Part 3

We continue our review of the Ten Commandments, seeing how they are still binding upon the believer today. The believer does not keep them to earn merit with God, but out of love for Him.

God Preserves the True Religion

2 Chronicles 34 We consider what the Lord did to put the brakes on the spiritual descent of the Israelites, how He planned to raise them up again, and how these things can be useful for us today for the same purpose.

Progress through Declension

John 3:30 Towards the end of his life, Solomon began to compromise: he began worshiping false gods because he had married so many foreign wives. In doing this, he sowed the seeds of division in his kingdom and the eventual exile of Judah to Babylon.