Sermons from November 2009

The Return

Ezra 1 We consider the next large step forward in the history of redemption: the overthrow of Babylon and the return of God’s people to the land of promise.

„All this, and Christ too!„

As a stimulus to thankfulness, we consider what we have been given in Christ compared with what we actually deserved. An illustration from William Guthrie serves to show what our attitude should be, and to spur us on to be more thankful.

Why Trust and Follow Jesus?

Luke 16:19-31 Since we only do what we want to do, we consider some of the reasons why we should be willing to pay whatever it costs to trust and follow Jesus.

Countdown to Redemption

Daniel 9:24-27 We consider the appearance of a fourth person in the fiery furnace in Daniel 3, and the prophecy of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9 as God reveals more of His plan of redemption in anticipation of the coming of Messiah.

Follow Me

Matthew 16:24-26 Once you place your trust in Christ as your only hope of heaven, you must begin to follow Him. There must be a course correction in your life – with a change of destinations, there must be a change of direction.

What Does It Mean to Believe?

Acts 16:31 In a day when many in the church are confused about the critical question of what saving faith actually is, we examine the three aspects of true faith (knowledge, assent and trust), before seeing the distinctive features of a saving faith.