Sermons from December 2009

Growing in Grace

2 Peter 3:4-18 Peter encourages his readers to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is so they will have a defense against scoffers who had arisen among them and who were threatening to derail them from pursuing a path of sanctification.

The Dead are Raised

John 11:17-46 We consider the account of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead and reflect upon the fact that physical death gives us a picture of its far worse spiritual counterpart, caused by sin.

God’s Visitation of Redeeming Grace

Luke 1:67-80 We reflect on the prophecy of Zachariah at the birth of John the Baptist. In this, the fulfillment of God’s promise in the covenant of grace is the focus, as He sends Jesus Christ into the world to redeem His people from their sins.

Lepers Are Cleansed

Matthew 8:1-4 Continuing to examine the miracles by which Christ authenticated Himself as the promised Messiah, we look at the healing of a leper. We see that leprosy is a graphic picture of the corruption we all are born into this world with.

Israel’s Ruler

Micah 5:1-7 The warfare experienced by the nation of Israel is compared and contrasted with the spiritual warfare we as Christians experience on a daily basis. We are challenged to stand up to our enemies and fight them face to face.

Christ’s Natural Birth

Matthew 1:1-17 As we approach the Christmas season once more, we take time to consider the natural birth of Jesus Christ.

Is Sin Really That Serious?

James 1:13-16 We consider one of the many things that keeps us from following Jesus: not taking sin as seriously as we should. Our sins may seem small to us, but even the smallest sin is an abomination to God.

Revival and Revelation

Ezra 10 We see another way the Lord advanced His work: through revival and revelation. The Lord worked through Ezra to further establish the Scriptural foundation that would secure the church for ages to come.


We examine the subject of apologetics and see how it can be useful to us in evangelism.