Sermons from May 2010

Our Undivided Attention

Isaiah 58:13-14 The Lord wants our undivided attention on the Lord’s Day, which is why we need to separate ourselves from the world entirely – not only from our normal work, but also from worldly recreations and thoughts and words about that recreation and work.

The Great Commission

Matthew 28:16-20 After Jesus had received a kingdom and authority, He commissioned and sent His Apostles to disciple all the nations. We see what these marching orders mean, and more particularly, what they mean for us.

Merciful and Necessary Works

Matthew 12:1-14 Having seen that we must do no work on the Sabbath, we examine two kinds of work we may do on the Lord’s Day: merciful and necessary work. These exceptions are clearly taught in the Scriptures. We consider modern-day out-workings of this principle.

The Wall Removed

Ephesians 2:11-22 As God’s work of redemption continues to be applied, we consider the answers to two questions: * What was the wall that separated the Jews and Gentiles, of which Paul speaks in our text? * Why did that wall need to come down?

Sabbath Rest

Exodus 20:8-11 We see: * We are to do no work on the Lord’s Day (we will consider some exceptions in our next message in this series) * Neither are we to cause others to do unnecessary work

The Book of Revelation – Chapter 22

Revelation 22 We finish our examination of the Book of Revelation from the moderate preterist perspective, focusing on the River and Tree of Life and the final appeals in chapter 22.

Christ’s Coronation

Acts 5:27-32 We continue to consider the third phase of God’s work of redemption (the phase we are in now). We examine Christ’s resurrection and His ascension, and see how both of these events were necessary if God’s people were to be saved.

The Kingdom of Heaven

Daniel 2:25-45 We resume our consideration of Christ’s sufferings by considering what the love shown to us by God the Father and God the Son calls us to be and to do in our lives here on earth.