Sermons from June 2010

Reading Good Books

Ephesians 4:7-16 In the last message we considered the benefits of reading the Bible and this time we reflect on the blessing that good books can be to us.

The Diaconate Established

Acts 6:1-7 As the Lord continues to unfold the third stage in His plan of redemption, the church grows to the point where a specific appointment becomes necessary to take care of certain needs within the congregation.

The Olivet Discourse, Part 3

Matthew 24:15-28 Having considered the signs in Matthew 24 that the destruction of Jerusalem was near, we look at: * What the sign was that it had come, and * What was going to happen when it did come.

The Mystery Revealed

Romans 16:25-27 We consider a further step in redemptive history: how the Lord unveiled and further explained several mysteries that had been hidden for long ages with the completion of Christ’s work and the outpouring of the Spirit.

Reading the Word

2 Timothy 3:16-17 Last week, we saw some of the spiritual disadvantages of being alone but there are advantages also. One very profitable thing we can do with our time alone is to read the Bible – to allow God to speak to us through His Word.

The Olivet Discourse, Part 2

Matthew 24:4-14 We continue to examine Matthew 24 from a Moderate Preterist perspective, focusing on the warning signs that the destruction of Jerusalem was near.

The Outpouring of the Spirit

Acts 2:1-21 We see that after Jesus ascended into heaven, the next thing He did was to send His Spirit to empower His church to carry out the Great Commission.

The Olivet Discourse, Part 1

Matthew 24-25 We begin to examine Matthew 24 and 25 to establish the context for further study. We begin to think about which portions refer to 70 AD and which look ahead to the second coming.

The Heights of the Earth

Isaiah 58:13-14 We consider one final application of the fourth commandment and then the blessing the Lord promises to give us if we keep His Day holy.