Sermons from February 2011

He Shall Glorify Me

John 16:14 The work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers consists in drawing attention to Christ and working to glorify Him. This is an element of the communion that believers have with the Spirit.

He Gives Grace to the Humble

James 4:6 As we reflect on the kind of people that God can use, we examine several Biblical tests that help us to assess the degree of our humility.

I Just Don’t Have Time Right Now

Acts 24:24-26 Drawing from the example of Paul’s ministry to Felix, we see that no excuse is good enough to put off coming to Jesus. When Paul spoke on righteousness, self-control, and the judgment, Felix became afraid and dismissed Paul until a more „convenient time„.

He Will Remind You

John 14:26 We continue our consideration of our communion with the Holy Spirit, beginning with one of the most general thing He does for us – He will remind us of what Jesus said.

Spiritual Prayer

Acts 9:11 If we are to be useful to the Lord, we must be those who truly pray. We’ve seen that the Lord can only use those who are godly, but the godly are those whose lives are characterized by prayer. We consider twelve elements of spiritual prayer.

Seeking the Lord through Fasting

Ezra 8:23 In our message this week, we have a reminder of the duty of fasting for the believer. We consider five things: *What fasting is. *Why we ought to fast. *The circumstances in which we should fast. *The benefits of fasting. *How to fast.


We take a practical look at how forgiveness should be worked out in the Christian life. We consider whom we should forgive, when we should forgive them, why we should forgive them, and what true forgiveness is.

Blessed Are You Who Weep

Luke 6:21 One of the blessings of the New Covenant is that our hearts are softened. A result thereof being that we become more sensitive to our sins: specifically, we mourn over them to the point of repentance.

Communion with the Holy Spirit

John 16:7 We consider that since Jesus has completed His work, the Spirit’s presence with believers is better than His continuing physical presence in this world.