Sermons from April 2011

Sin Is Not Your Master

Romans 6:12-14 Though sin still lives in us, we must not live in any sin – we must fight against it. And we must know our sins so that we can fight against them.

Three Warnings

Ephesians 4:29-32 We look at three things the Spirit does for us, and things we need to avoid so that we don’t hinder our Communion with Him.

Love One Another

1 Peter 1:22-23 We consider something further that will help us to be useful to the Lord: we must love one another.

The Resurrection and the Life

John 11:25-26 Do we need to be afraid of death? We do if we are not ready for it, but if we are trusting in Jesus, we do not. We consider two things: *First, why we should be afraid of death, if we are not ready, and *Second, how Jesus can take this fear away.

Jesus Christ’s Triumphant Kingdom

Psalm 2 We meditate on this Psalm and rejoice in the truths it contains, not least of which is the certain triumph of the kingdom of Christ in this world. In the light of this, it is foolish to continue to resist Jesus’ claims on our lives.

Standing in Christ

1 Corinthians 15:1 We consider the various ways in which believers are said to ‘stand’ in the New Testament.

Courtship and Marriage, Part 4

Having defined Biblical Courtship, we focus more specifically on what it looks like in practice. We consider how one should enter into a courtship, and what steps should be taken to ensure a good relationship.

The Spirit of Supplication

Romans 8:26-27 We examine one more way in which we have communion with the Holy Spirit: He becomes in us the Spirit of supplication, and helps us to pray.

The Fruit of the Spirit is . . . Patience

Galatians 5:22 We consider one more virtue that will make us more useful to the Lord: patience. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit and also something the Lord commands us to exhibit as His children.