Sermons from June 2011

What is Hell? Part 1

We consider Hell, and answer questions such as where it is, and what the many different terms for it in the Bible actually mean.

That You Might Believe

Acts 26:29 We are reminded through the example of Paul of what the Spirit actually does in our hearts to bring about a desire to reach the lost.

A New Teaching with Authority

Mark 1:21-28 Jesus’ work leading up to His crucifixion consisted mainly of four things: *His preaching, *His obedience, *His teaching, and *His miracles.


We answer the question „is there time in Heaven?„ as well as other questions about Heaven, such as where it is located.

Trust Nothing but Jesus

Matthew 3:8-10 Knowing and believing the truth, being a member of a church, or being the children of believers isn’t enough to save you. You can have all these things and still be on your way to judgment. There is only one thing that can save you – faith in Jesus.

Walk with God

Genesis 5:21-24 We consider that to be useful to the Lord, we must walk with God, like Enoch, whom the Lord took to be with Him because Enoch was pleasing to Him.

Jesus’ Ministry Begins

Mark 1:14-15 We see the beginning of Jesus’ public preaching ministry. John’s ministry comes to an end when he is arrested by Herod. With John now gone, Jesus takes up where he left off in preaching the kingdom.

Family Headship

We begin to study Biblical Headship, and how that should look in our families, focusing specifically on the roles of husband and wife.

A Perfect Christian

Matthew 5:48 Continuing our study of ways we as Christians can become more useful to God, we consider that Jesus commands us to be perfect as God is perfect.

Christ Conquers the Enemy

Mark 1:12-13 Immediately following Jesus’ baptism, the Spirit compelled Him to go into the wilderness, where He fasted for forty days and was tempted by the enemy. There He overcame our enemy, that we might overcome him as well.