Sermons from July 2011

The Path to a Long Life

Proverbs 3:1-18 In our passage, Solomon says the Lord will give you what most of the people in this world are seeking after – a long life and health. If you’re young, you’re not too concerned about these things yet, but you will be when you start growing old.

He Is Willing

Mark 1:40-45 Have you ever thought that now that Jesus is in heaven, you can’t approach Him as you might have during the time He walked the earth? You need to see that Jesus is willing to receive you, if you come to Him in the right way.

The Source of Spiritual Strength

Mark 1:35-39 Is there a „secret„ of having a life that is truly blessed? Of having a close walk with God, a true and deep spirituality, of being effective in our service, of having victory over sins, peace of conscience, of having all our needs met? No.

O You of Little Faith

Matthew 6:25-34 Last time, we saw God’s promise to provide all the needs of His children. In this message, we begin to delve a bit more deeply into this promise and unpack it in relation to temporal blessings.

He Stands Ready

Mark 1:32-34 In the evening, the whole city gathered at the door, and Jesus, instead of telling them to go away until they met certain conditions, received them. Jesus stands ready to receive you now too.

What is Hell? Part 2

We continue to answer common questions about Hell and the Lake of Fire, specifically what Hell is, and what’s there.

A Servant’s Heart

Mark 1:29-31 There are two principles – service and selfishness – that will either open the kingdom of heaven or condemn us on the Day of Judgment. Jesus is able to give us grace that we might become His servants and enter the kingdom of heaven.

The Holy One of God

Mark 1:23-27 We consider who Jesus actually is – the Holy one of God. We see three things: *Who Jesus is *The warfare going on between God and Satan and his angels *The outcome of this warfare