Sermons from August 2011

Peace with Your Enemies

Proverbs 16:7 We see another element of the long and blessed lives the Lord will give us if we trust and obey Him: peace with our enemies.

New Wine in New Wineskins

Mark 2:18-22 The Old Testament is the Word of God and is still applicable to us as God’s people. We consider how much of the Old Testament applies, which parts of it do and which do not.

A Faith that Is Not Enough

Acts 8:1-24 Simon the Magician heard the Gospel and believed the facts were true. He showed how earnest he was by receiving baptism, and yet he was still lost. We consider his problem, and seek to understand where he fell short.

He Came to Call Sinners

Mark 2:13-17 The Bible is clear that you must come to Jesus for forgiveness; but it’s equally clear that if you would come to Him, there’s something He must do first.

Who Can Harm You?

1 Peter 3:13 In this message, we consider that God promises His people Divine protection. This is one more blessing that comes from walking with the Lord.

He Can Forgive You

Mark 2:1-12 There can be no salvation without forgiveness, which is why trust in Jesus is essential – forgiveness is only found in Him.

A Forgiving Heart

Genesis 45:1-15 We look at the way Joseph forgave his brothers for selling him into Egypt and see how this applies to us.

The Siege Mentality

Psalm 48 We look at an antidote to a defensive and fearful attitude in the church, as we see the strength, beauty and glory of the Church, which is her God.