Sermons from November 2011

All Spiritual Blessings

Romans 8:28-30 Moving on from our earlier consideration of the physical blessings that true believers, who walk with the Lord, have in Jesus Christ, we begin to look at the far greater spiritual blessings that are also theirs in Him.

Are You in the Lord’s Family?

Mark 3:20-21, 31-35 Jesus teaches us something very important about His family in this passage. He helps us to see that He has many brothers and sisters and mothers, and shows us who they are.

Are You Good Enough for God?

Matthew 9:9-13 Most people today believe they will go to heaven when they die, because they are good enough. But God says they aren’t; and we need to understand His assessment, since this is the one that really matters.

He Will Preserve You from Trouble

Job 5:8-27 We look at one more very important promise of physical blessing from God to His children: that the Lord will deliver us from trouble, if we will walk with Him. We consider this promise in general, and then look at some of the specifics.

Are You the Lord’s Plunder?

Mark 3:22-27 We consider the argument the scribes used to try and discredit Jesus. They claimed He was demon-possessed, because He was casting out demons.

He Will Bless What He Gives

Exodus 23:25 Returning to our series on the promises God makes to His people, we consider that He will bless us with many good things and also bless the good things He has given us.

What Is Your Calling?

Mark 3:13-19 The Lord calls whom He wills to Himself and salvation, and He also calls each of His servants to that particular work He wants them to do.